Secondary Coolant Filteration Cyklone Type

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Secondary Coolant Filteration Cyklone Type

Cyklone SF fiter, circulate and store coolants for metalworking and other water – base or synthetic liquid operations . They operate on the simplest , most efficient means of separating foreign particles from liquid – centrifugal force generated in a cyclonic chamber . They employ no filter media Beause of its double cleansing action , the Cyclonlo chamber removes 85 % of all particles to 10-12 microns .


  • Easy To Install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Filtration accuracy 10 to 15 Microns
  • Turn Machine downtime into cost saving profits
  • Compact Design conserves precious floor space
  • This can be used with individual Machines or as a centralized system
  • No running cost the systern cleans itself as it runs . Never change filters medis because there are none

 Working Principle

  • Dirty Coolant enters the cyclone at the inlet orifice of the Cyclonic chamber .
  • The shape and the tangential location of the critice develop a downward , spiraling flow of the coolanti
  • This same force spins out of the solid particles to 10-15 microns from the coolant
  • Coolant that passes through the whirl searcher is the piped out to the clean coolant storage tank or to the machine tool

 Technical specification

Filtration Accuracy: 10to 20micro
Discharge Quantity: 120 LPM
Tank Capacity: 176 Liters
Tank dimension: WxDxL 620 x 950 X 950mm
Weight: 180 Kgs
Motor rating: 1.1kw


  • Cyclone SF filter offer 5 micron filtration with 98 % efficiency.
  • Systems will remove ferrous, non – ferrous and non – metallic particles.
  • Better product finish, less wheel dressing, longer life for grinding wheels and spindle bearings.
  • No More Clogging in Rotary Union & thru spindle coolant system.
  • No Fungus formation as No Filter Bag or paper etc.
  • Continuous cleaning of primary Coolant Tank.


  • CNC Machining Centers
  • Grinding Machines
  • Material Removal Machining
  • Special Purpose Machines.
  • Deep hole Drilling Machine.
  • Water Wash Paint Booths.

 Standard Accessories

  • 3HP Raja mane Make Pump.
  • Fitting & hose pipes for interfacing with machine tool
  • Wheels for tank movement.
  • Front opening lid for cleaning purpose
  • Onsite Installation

 The design and manufacture of products are subjected to continuous improvement, specification may very form the product supplied