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DSP – 44


A power fail monitor ( PEM ) is an Electronic Device used to accurate Monitor of input voltage and frequency and sense power failure in advance to cut – off machine Emergency hefore the actual power fails . This helps in limiting the travel distance of all axes especially Vertical axes in high speed Machining Centre during an unexpected Power Failure .

Use of Advance DSP controller helps in accurate measurement of linc Voltage and Frequency and sense Power Failure as fast of within 4ms this will avoid damage to Tool


Input Power supply Voltage : 100VAC – 415VAC -10 % 3PH . 3 – Wire 50HZ
Power rated : 30W MAX .
Power Fail Sensing Time in ms : 4ms by the DSC
Monitoring Voltages : U,V,W- Phase with respect to Ground
Voltage scttable range for each phase is from OV to 440V in
Step of 1 Volt and 1Hz.
Types of Fault Monitor and Trip : Individual Phase failures, Power failure , Under voltage / over
Voltage monitoring with settable limits Low / High Frequency
monitoring with settable limits
Earth fault (If enabled ).

Phase Sequence monitoring : Phase Sequence of incoming lines (If enabled )
Earth fault monitoring : Continuously voltage monitoring between
Earth & Neutral and trip if more than 100 ( if enabled )
LCD Display : 16 Char / 2 line LCD display will be display Voltage , frequency ,
parameter and alarm .
Interface outputs : 3 No’s Relay each with 2No 2NC -Rated NA 30VDC / 270VAC .
Interface input and output : Opto- isolated programmable digital input and output – 1 No’s
Alarm History : Record of previous 10 faults and stored in controller
Programming : Through LCD display trip voltages and Frequency can be programmed
And stored permanently in PFM controller Memory.
Calibration of input voltage : Factory set at time of product testing Possible to
Re – calibrate al site

Panel Dimension : (WXDXHI ) 330x180x450


  • Avoid Cutting Tool brakeage
  • Avoid Spindle damage
  • Protection from CNC Memory corruption during abnormal Power Fluctuations
  • Easy and Fast By – Pass of PFM through on board Toggle Switch in case of any problem in PFM Controller


  • State of the art advanced Digital Signal Processor for high speed operation.
  • Illuminated LCD display for Voltage Monitoring and user Programmability.
  • Accurate Voltage Monitoring with settable limits.
  • Line Frequency Monitoring and Settable limits.
  • Phase sequence Monitoring.
  • Earth Leakage Monitoring.
  • Alarm History record of Previous faults.
  • Easy and Fast PFM bypass.
  • On Site input Voltage Calibration.
  • Parameters protection against unauthorized entry,
  • Siren in Alarm Condition. Application:
  • Machine tool Axes controls.
  • Three phase Industrial Power and Frequency Monitoring.