DSP – 1

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DSP – 1



  • Advanced Digital Signal Processor for high speed operation
  • Accurate over & under voltage Monitoring
  • Single Phase Monitoring
  • Individual Phase voltage Monitoring
  • 7 Segment LED for Monitoring and user programmability
  • Key pad for Programming

 Alarm Display

  • Easy and fast bypass facility
  • Buzzer in alarm condition
  • Din rail / panel Mounting facility

Power Failure Monitor:

In the latest generation of CNC machine tools the axis working against gravity

cannot be equipped with counter balance either mechanically or hydraulically

owing to higher acceleration and deacceleration .The electrical power

interruptions imposes the demerit of gravity axis dropping during power

failure , which might cause tool breakages based upon various working


To overcome this, an external electronics device is used to monitor line

voltage frequency and sense the power failure in advance to apply emergency

to machine automatically with in 6 mill seconds, when the voltage drops to a

set value.

By the above system the axis drop is contained within 15 – 20 Microns, to

avoid tool breakage.


Avoid Cutting Tool breakage

Avoid spindle damage

Avoid job damage