DSP – 55

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DSP – 55


Input Power supply Voltage : 100VAC – 415VAC -10 % 3PH . 3 – Wire 50HZ
Power rated : 30W MAX .
Power Fail Sensing Time in ms : 4ms by the DSC
Monitoring Voltages : U,V,W- Phase with respect to Ground
Voltage scttable range for each phase is from OV to 440V in
Step of 1 Volt and 1Hz.
Types of Fault Monitor and Trip : Individual Phase failures, Power failure , Under voltage / over
Voltage monitoring with settable limits Low / High Frequency
monitoring with settable limits
Earth fault (If enabled ).

Phase Sequence monitoring : Phase Sequence of incoming lines (If enabled )
Earth fault monitoring : Continuously voltage monitoring between
Earth & Neutral and trip if more than 100 ( if enabled )
LCD Display : 16 Char / 2 line LCD display will be display Voltage , frequency ,
parameter and alarm .
Interface outputs : 3 No’s Relay each with 2No 2NC -Rated NA 30VDC / 270VAC .
Interface input and output : Opto- isolated programmable digital input and output – 1 No’s
Alarm History : Record of previous 10 faults and stored in controller
Programming : Through LCD display trip voltages and Frequency can be programmed
And stored permanently in PFM controller Memory.
Calibration of input voltage : Factory set at time of product testing Possible to
Re – calibrate al site

Panel Dimension : (WXDXHI ) 330x180x450


  • Avoid Cutting Tool brakeage
  • Avoid Spindle damage
  • Protection from CNC Memory corruption during abnormal Power Fluctuations
  • Easy and Fast By – Pass of PFM through on board Toggle Switch in case of any problem in PFM Controller


 With dynamic braking

  • State of the art advanced Digital Signal Processor for high speed operation.
  • Illuminated LCD display for Voltage Monitoring and user Programmability.
  • Accurate Voltage Monitoring with settable limits.
  • Line Frequency Monitoring and Settable limits.
  • Phase sequence Monitoring.
  • Earth Leakage Monitoring.
  • Alarm History record of Previous faults.
  • Easy and Fast PFM bypass.
  • On Site input Voltage Calibration.
  • Parameters protection against unauthorized entry,
  • Siren in Alarm Condition. Application:
  • Machine tool Axes controls.
  • Three phase Industrial Power and Frequency Monitoring.